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Configuration of Mozilla Thunderbird

Using an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird is more comfortable for anonymous email accounts than using the overloaded webinterfaces of some mail providers. OpenPGP or S/MIME encryption for your email communication is possible and well supported.

The most easy ans secure way of configuration uses the add-on TorBirdy. The add-on will enable all required security settings, it will disable tracking features for e-mails and the account creation wizard and configures the proxy settings for Tor or JonDonym.

For install you have to download torbirdy-current.xpi (OpenPGP signature). Firefox user have to click with the right mouse button on the download link and choose "Save link as...". Start Thunderbird, open the add-on manager and choose "Install Add-on From File...".

TorBirdy install

Restart Thunderbird and choose the anonymisation services you want to use (Tor or JonDo) in the statusbar at bottom left corner.

proxy settings for JonDo

Create a mail account

After installation of TorBirdy you may configure your mail accounts. Because of a bug in Thunderbird you can't use the account creation wizard. The wizard is disabled by TorBirdy. You have to configure the POP3 server for incoming mails and the SMTP server for outgoing mails by hand.

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