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Anonymous Instant Messaging with Psi

You can download the instant messaging client Psi for Windows and MacOS from the project website. For Linux and UNIX distributions you may install the packages psi and libqca2-plugin-gnupg with package manager of your distribution.

Proxy configuration

At the first start you have to setup your accounts. For each account you can configure an individual proxy. The proxy and SSL settings you may find on the 4. tab of the account properties dialog. Psi uses proxy profiles. At first you have to create a new proxy profile. Click on the button "Edit...", create a new profil and use the settings you can see in the second screenshot. Afterwards you can choose the proxy profile JonDonym for your anonymous accounts.

To avoid DNS leaks you have to set the IP address of the Jabber server for Host. You may use our DNS service webpage to get the IP address of the Jabber server.

configuration of connection settings

Settings for the proxy profil JonDonym:

JonDonym Proxy Profil for Psi

End-to-End Encryption

Psi supports OpenPGP encryption of your conversation out of the box. To enable it, you have to choose your OpenPGP key in the 2. tab of your account properties dialog. It is important to choose a key with your Jabber id in the e-mail address field. Otherwise the client of your communication partner can not feature out the right key for message encryption. Add your Jabber ID to an key used for e-mail encryption or create a one and send it to your communication partners.

Use OPenPGP encryption with Psi
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