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proxychains for Linux and UNIX

For Linux and UNIX you may use proxychains to redirect the traffic of an application without proxy support to JonDo. Like other proxyfier tools it works only with premium services. All Linux and UNIX distributions contain proxychains. You can install it with the package manager of your distribution. For Debian and Ubuntu you can do this job with aptitude: > sudo aptitude install proxychains

Afterwards you have to create a configuration file and save it in $HOME/.proxychains/proxychains.conf strict_chain
http 4001

To redirect all traffic of an application to JonDonym, you can start it under control of proxychains. For an example, you can manage your server with unobserved SSH by > proxychains ssh user@server.tld

Or using the instant messenger Kopete or the Youtube downloader Minitube anonymous by > proxychains kopete
> proxychains minitube

Configure the DNS server for host name resolving

For resolving DNS host names the DNS server is used by default. This server is not for public use any more and not working stable. We highly recommed the usage of another DNS server! You may change the DNS server in the script "/usr/lib/proxychains3/proxyresolv" (Debian, Ubuntu) or "/usr/bin/proxyresolv" (SuSE, Redhat). Open the script with a text editor and replace the value for $DNS_SERVER: DNS_SERVER=

A short list of censorship-free DNS servers:


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