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Proxify applications without proxy support

If your Internet application does not support any proxy settings, you can use proxyfier tools to redirect the traffic to JonDonym and hide your IP address. Usually this just works with premium services as you can only route traffic through the free services which goes to destination ports 80 or 443. These ports are usually used for web browsing. Other Internet protocols are using different ports.

To configure your proxyfier tool two steps are required. At first you have to configure the proxy for anonymization. Use the following settings: Type: HTTP (preferred) or SOCKSv5
Port: 4001
enable "resolve hostnames remotly"

In the second step you have to set up rulesets for applications which should get redirected to the proxy. You have two options to achieve this:

  1. Redirect only a list of applications: You can create a list of applications. Only for the applications on this list the traffic will go through JonDo.

  2. JonDonym-VPN: Setup a list of exceptions. The traffic of applications on the exception list will NOT get redirected to JonDo. This list has to contain the JonDo proxy programm "JAP.exe". The Internet traffic of ALL your other applications will get redirected through JonDonym.

A short list of recommended proxyfier tools:


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