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To get to this panel, press Config at the main interface and afterwards select Network from the list to the left.

In this section you can configure all settings relevant to the network connections of JonDo.

Circumvention of Internet censorship and filtering

This function is necessary if you cannot connect to the service, e.g. because it is blocked by your company's firewall or by your Internet service provider. Please, only apply these settings if you cannot connect directly to the services. You will be reducing your bandwidth and the process of connecting is made more difficult for no reason.

Connect to other JAP/JonDo users in order to reach a service

avoid censorship

By activating this option you can connect to a service with somebody else's JonDo, which acts as a forwarding server.

Listener port number

For JonDo to protect your communication on the Internet it has to be interposed between your browser and the Internet. Such a local intermediary is called a local proxy. The following settings are specific to the proxy functionality of the program.

Compulsory proxy/firewall

In some networks a connection to the Internet is only possible through the company's or the ISP's proxy. If this is the case for you, you can edit the settings needed for your JonDo to connect to the proxy here.

Configure a proxy

Hint: If you like, you can also enter a local Tor client here for an additional layer of security. Your connection will be slower though.

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