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Using JonDoFox for anonymous websurfing

JonDoFox is a Firefox browser profile/configuration particularly optimized for anonymous and secure web surfing. You may either integrate JonDoFox in your Firefox or run it portable from USB sticks. The following pages describe how to use JonDoFox.

By default JonDoFox uses restrictive settings to block all tracking features and for security reasons. Time by time a website does not work like expected and you may have problems with logins and account registration because cookies and Javascript are disabled.

Howto solve these Problems

Please, try the following steps to solve the problems:

  1. Temporarily Allow Cookies You can allow cookies for the website temporarily without risk. It is easy to remove stored cookies later by restart your browser or manage cookies with the add-on CookieMonster.

  2. Enable Javascript If cookies does not solve the problem Javascript is required in most cases. Please keep in mind: using Javascript it is possible for web masters to access many information about your browser, your desktop settings, your hardware and an attacker can e.g. inject malicious JavaScript code. Enable Javascript only for trusted websites!

  3. Enable Javascript for third party sites For large server farms like Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo! and others Javascript is required for some third party domains. For third party CAPTCHA providers you have to enable Javascript too.

Problems with Videos and PDF Documents

Because of security reasons all plug-ins for display non-HTML content (like Flash videos or PDF documents) within the browser are disabled.


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