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Anonymous Instant Messaging

You can use internet applications with JonDo, if HTTP proxy settings are supported by your application. Please note: JonDonym free services are limited in open ports. You can connect only to ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS). For instant messaging like Jabber (XMPP) you have to use premium services. If your instant messaging client and the server were support BOSH/HTTP, you can use free mix cascades too. But may be you will get timeout errors time by time.

You will need to enter the following in the HTTP proxy settings:

Jabber Server (XMPP)

For anonymous instant messaging you have to create a new account first. Do not use your old, well known account with JonDonym and believe, you are anonymous. A list of useable Jabber servers you may find at IM Observatory (with information about SSL encryption), jabberes.org or xmpp.org. Have a look at the privacy statement at the website of the selected server before you register your account. You may check the SSL encryption of your prefered XMPP server with the IM Observatory.

Some recommended Jabber servers with high amount of users are:

server ports connect server file transfer proxy comment
jabber.dk 5222, 522385.10.195.208 donations are welcome
swissjabber.org5222, 443217.150.254.110proxy.swissjabber.com provided by nine.ch
draugr.de5222, 44385.31.186.183proxy.draugr.dedonations are welcome
SSL certificates signed by CAcert.org
jabber.calyxinstitute.org522282.94.251.236DNSSEC signed, SSL with forward seecrecy
neko.im 522381.167.91.94 no inbound registration,
create your accout on the website

If you were using JonDonym, XMPP file transfer is only possible by using file transfer proxies.

DNS Leaks

Warning: Many instant messaging clients break out the proxy for DNS request. An attacker can watch your internet traffic and feature out the Jabber server you were using. We have tested the following clients:

Work around: You can set the IP address of the Jabber connect server in your account configuration. In this case no DNS requests are nessecary and no leaks will appear. You may use our DNS service webpage to get the IP address of the Jabber server.


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