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Install the DEB packages by hand

Download the Debian packages, open it in your prefered package manager (GDebi, Ubuntu Software Center, Kpackagekit...) and click on the "Install" button. All required software packages are installed automatically.

Installation mit GDebi

For command line installation at first install the requirements (if not installed) an afterwards the Debian package. > sudo aptitude install default-jre java-wrappers firefox
> sudo dpkg -i jondo_all.deb
> sudo dpkg -i jondofox-en_all.deb

Updates: If you installed the packages by hand it is not possible to update the software automatically. You will get a notice, if new software versions were ready for download. You have to download the new DEB package and install it by hand again.

Start JonDo and JonDoFox

After installation you may find starters for JonDo and JonDoFox in the program menu "Internet".

Start JonDo

It is recommeded to use the starter "JonDoFox" in the program menu to start Firefox or Iceweasel with the JonDoFox profile. If you were using the profil manager of Firefox it was not possible to check for new installed JonDoFox package.

The software repository of JonDos GmbH

Users of Debian, Ubuntu and compatible distributions may use the software repository of JonDos GmbH to install our software and keep it up-to-date with the package management of your distribution. The software repository contains the following packages:

Using the repository at command line

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list. deb http://debian.anonymous-proxy-servers.net [DISTRI] main

    Replace [DISTRI] by the name of your distribution. At the moment squeeze, wheezy, jessie, sid, precise, quantal, raring, saucy and trusty are supported. User of Linux Mint (Debian edition) may use sid to replace DISTRI.

  2. The repository is signed with the OpenPGP key 0x2B3CAA3E. Download the key, add it to your apt keyring and verify the fingerprint. > sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 0x2146D0CD2B3CAA3E

    > sudo apt-key finger
    pub    4096R/2B3CAA3E 2014-10-20 [expires: 2024-10-17]
      fingerprint = 6899 5C53 D2CE E11B 0E41 82F6 2146 D0CD 2B3C AA3E
    uid    JonDos GmbH (Software Signing Key)…

  3. Afterwards you can install JonDo and JonDoFox by: > sudo aptitude update
    > sudo aptitude install jondo jondofox-en

Using the repository with GUI tools

If you did not like the full text adventure, you may use GUIs like "Software Sources". You can find it in the system menu.

  1. Add the apt line on the tab "Other Software".

    Add apt line
    URI: http://debian.anonymous-proxy-servers.net
    Distribution: squeeze | wheezy | jessie | sid      (for Debian)
    precise | quantal | raring | saucy | trusty    (for Ubuntu)
    Components: main

    Since Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick) a source code repository will be added automatically. Please disable the automatically added source code repository for JonDonym to avoid errors. We provide our source code only by SVN.

  2. Afterwards you have to import the signing key key of the repository. Download Software_JonDos_GmbH.asc and import the key file in "Authentication".

    Add the signing key
  3. Use your prefered package manager (Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic, Kpackagekit...) to install the packages jondo, jondofox-en (recommeded) and jondodaemon (additional).


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