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Install JonDo for Linux / BSD

JonDo is a Java application. Please install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) first. You may use your preferred package manager of your Linux distribution and install the package "default-jre", for BSD you may install "openjdk7".

Download the archives jondo_linux.tar.bz2 and verify the download. Unpack the archive with your favorit file manager. Click with there right mouse button on the file and choose "extract here". On command line in a terminal you may use the command "tar". Afterwards you have to run the install script: > tar -xjf jondo_linux.tar.bz2
> cd jondo_linux
> sudo ./install_jondo

By default the files are installed in "/usr/local". You may change the destination prefix with option -i. If you can't get root permission, you may install JonDo in your $HOME directory with: > ./install_jondo -i $HOME/.local

By using the option -j you may set a Java runtime binary for JonDo, if Java was not found in your path or if you want to use an other JRE than default. For NetBSD you may use: # ./install_jondo -i /usr/pkg -j /usr/pkg/java/openjdk7/jre/bin/java

The install script creates a starter in your application menu "Network" or you may use command jondo> on command line in a terminal. You can remove all installed files with the command: > sudo jondo --remove

Install JonDoFox for Linux / BSD

JonDoFox is a profil for the Mozilla Firefox web browser particularly optimized for anonymous and secure web surfing. You have to install the webbrowser Mozilla Firefox first, if it was not installed. You may use the prefered package manager of your distribution for Firefox install.

Download the TAR archive jondofox_linux_bsd_en-US.tar.bz2, unpack the archive and run the install script in a terminal: > tar -xjf jondofox_linux_bsd_en-US.tar.bz2
> cd jondofox_linux_bsd
> ./install_jondofox.sh

Installation "by hand"

JonDo is a Java application. Please install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) first. Downloads for many operating systems you may find at http://www.java.com. For Linux/UNIX you may install the package "openJDK7" with your preferred package management tool.

Download the JAR file JAP.jar. For Linux/UNIX you may open a terminal and type the following command. Alternatively you may create a programm launcher on the desktop or in the application menu with this command. > /path/to/java -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -XX:-UsePerfData -jar /path/to/JAP.jar -c $HOME/.jap.conf

For Windows you can open the DOS box and type: > javaw -jar JAP.jar


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