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Use Disposable Email Addresses

Your email address is a high rated identification feature. Commercial services collecting email addresses for advertising and meta data of your communication (sender and recipient of emails) is used for spying purposes by PRISM and Tempora. If you are using one and the same address in order to send or receive all your emails, you are "creating" an identity with it. In the following you will find notes about some web services designed to improve your privacy and make it possible to receive emails anonymous.


AnonBox.net is provided by German Chaos Computer Club. It offers temporary email addresses for one-time usage. You can receive only one email per account. The account will not be valid later than the next day 24:00. Together with your email address you will get a link to check your postpost later. Keep a bookmark to read the incoming email if the page was closed.

AnonBox.net uses a SSL certificate signed by CAcert.org. Because this CA is not trusted by default by all web browsers you have to verify the fingerprint of the certificate. Alternatively you may import the root certificate of CAcert.org in your browser. SHA1 fingerprint: 86:FC:1A:7B:16:2A:70:1C:E0:5C:F0:A9:25:52:5E:2D:7B:59:1D:6A

Temporary Email Accounts

Temporary email accounts are valid only for a short time, usualy for 15..120 minutes. You have to create your temporary account first on website of the provider. Go to the website of of the temporary email provider and you will see your fresh temporary address or you have to click the generate button. Do not close this site! Open a new browser tab and go to the forum or blog you need a registration. Fill the registration form and use the temp e-mail address. Go back to the temporary E-mail provider browser tab and wait for the confirmation message and refresh the view time by time.

  1. The following provider are using only random generated email address. It is not possible to use the same email address again. This is more secure for registration of accounts (forums and others), because an attacker can not use the same email address like you for a password recovery to compromise your accounts. But it is not possible for you to get a new password by email, if the old one was lost.

  2. Using the following provider you are able to use a random generated email address or set your own choice for an email address. You can re-create an already used address for password recovery or anything else.

Disposable Email Accounts

You can use disposable addresses without any registration for unlimited time. It is not required to register an account before usage. The messages are stored for hours or days and automatically deleted afterwards. You can read incoming messages in the webinterface of the provider by enter your pseudonym. It is only possible to receive emails and it is not possible, to send mails or write an answer by mail.

  1. The following provider don't offer password protection. Everybody, who knows the pseudonym, can read the incoming messages. Be carefully! It is a useful solution for something like support emails, blog comments and other insignificant stuff.

  2. The following provider offer password protection for disposable addresses. You may use a password protected postbox to receive private message anonymous.

    • Discard.email (cookies and Javascript required, password protection for some domains, you can send emails too)

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